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No Insects NoInsects.com.au is a BDM Trading company.    No Insects provides a variety of Insect Traps, Lures and Attractants designed to handle insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fruit fly, midges, Sandfly, marsh fly, bettles and many more in easy to use,  online store where our prices are often lower than the retail stores and they’re delivered straight to your door!

BDM Trading warehouse and head office is situated between Sydney and Brisbane on the NSW Mid North Coast.

BDM Trading began selling Bugeater insect traps very successfully in 2004 before developing an online presence in 2006.

BDM Trading amalgamated in 2007 primarily to expand operations by incorporating additional product lines for online shopping distribution throughout Australia.

Today BDM Trading remains a small and dynamic company with a growing customer base that includes households, businesses and government departments around Australia and the Pacific.

Our purchasing power puts the savings in your pocket.

You’ll save money online with No Insects. We have sourced suppliers from Australia and overseas to bring you quality products for your use and satisfaction.

No Insects want your business today and our unique products are ready to buy online at lowest prices, shipped across Australia, or the world.

Please contact Customer Service for assistance with any questions about No Insects or BDM Trading.

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What are some of the other products that No Insect offer?

* Bug Eater Insect Trap

The Bug Eater Insect Trap is an electronic  bug or insect control device, it uses ordinary dish washing detergent and a   fan that draws the insects into the device, due to the detergent they insects are unable to leave the device. This device works effectively for a variety of flying insects, moths, mosquitoes, flies, sandflies.

Excerpt from the packaging states:
Bug Eater Controls:  Mosquitoes, Sandflies & midgesCoddle Moth(Lawn Army Grub),Heliothis Moth,Wax Moth (Bee Industry) Indianmeal moth (Grain/Dried Fruit)Beetles – Monolepta,Christmas,Black and many more. “

* Bug Eater Accessories

NoInsect also sells a variety of the BugEater accessories including:

  • 10m Extension Lead for 12volt
  • 5m Dog Clip Lead for 12volt
  • Lens for Bug Eater
  • Bug Eater Mounting Bracket
  • Octenol Pheromone Attractant Tablet and Bag
  • Reflector for Bug Eater
  • Bug Eater Tray Replacement 19 Rib Model
  • Bugeater Tray Replacement 7 Rib Model
  • UV Black Light Blue Bulb
  • UV White Bulb

* Fruit Fly Attractants, Lures and Traps

No Insects offers a variety of Fruitfly Attractants, Lures and Traps, To Control Fruit Fly in fruit tree or trees in the suburban back yard, acreage or on the farm. These include FruitFly attractant blocks complete with lure, a variety of sizes and styles available. In addition to both   plastic and glass  rectangular or round  traps that would make managing fruit fly infestation easier.

* House Fly Trap

No Insects offers a herbal house fly trap, whereby you hang the trap in a sunny location of your home, office or farm  when the flies enter the catcher they can’t escape.

* Neem Products

No Insects offers a variety of Deet Free Insect Repellents in both a Roll On  and pump bottle. Our Neem products also come in a convenient concentrated  Dog and Flea  spray, and  2ltre bottle, along with varied sized Plant Spray and Pure cold press Seed Oil.

* Snake Repeller

From Spring to Autumn numerous young snakes will be emerging and looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to establish territories in which to breed, and later in the year looking for places in which to spend the cooler months. Stop them now before they get established around your home.

* Sonic Repellers

With 3 varieties available including Rectangular, Round and a Solar Powered Sonic Repeller No Insects has everything you need to repel those pesky insects when you’re enjoying at home, work, at a bbq the beach or on the farm. This light weight option for deterring insects is only a few clicks away!

* Sticky Traps

Last but not least, No Insects offers several types of sticky traps, glue boards and sticky pads  for controlling roaches and crawling insects inside your home or our sticky pads ideal for hanging in factories or sheds – any where you like.

The sticky pads are effective in controlling flying insects including:

  • White Fly
  • Thrip
  • Black Fly
  • Midge and a variety of other flying insects. It’s proven effectiveness results from the colour and a specially formulated adhesive. The colour, Aureolin Yellow is irresistible to Greenhouse pests. When attracted,they come in contact with the adhesive and the job is done. Like all No Bugs Products, the Sticky pad boasts similar fine qualities including:
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free of poisons,chemical and toxins
  • Highly Effective
  • Easily disposed of – throw straight into the garbage. Ideal for use in:
  • Greenhouses
  • Residential home outdoor entertaining areas
  • Orchards
  • Wineries


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