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Why you need the Bug Eater Insect Trap

Bug Eater Insect Trap

Bug Eater Insect TrapThe FACTS:

♦ You can control mosquitoes by drowning – the Bug Eater is Mosquito Eater Machine.

♦ Research shows that the BUGEATER insect trap attracts and captures mainly the male mosquito hence breaking the breeding cycle.

♦ The BUGEATER insect trap has also proven to be an excellent way to control many other biting and annoying insects.



240v Bug Eater Insect Trap - Stop Bugs and InsectsThe irresistibility of the ‘black light’ attracts flying pests from one direction and is effective for up to an acre. a hidden fan creates a downdraft, hitch blows the insects into soapy water inside the trap tray. a squirt of dish detergent breaks the water surface tension preventing the insects from landing and they simply drown. When the tray is full. simply empty it and refill with water and detergent. Clean and easy.



The BUGEATER insect trap not only controls mosquitoes, it also catches many other annoying insects from large moths down to tiny bugs you can’t even see like midge and sand fly.the BUGEATER insect trap is your very own pest controller that works 24 hours a day,7 days a week,it is safe and effective.

Bug Eater Insect Trap


  • Creates a bug free zone-directionally up to one acre.
  • Environmentally friendly-chemical free.
  • A whisper quiet fan and a very small, safe amount of electricity.
  • Gets the adult insect before it breeds and breaks the breeding cycle.
  • The catch is totally contained which meets all health and safety requirements.
  • Stops the spread of insect-born diseases-many of which to date have no cure.
  • Hygiene in food preparation areas.
  • 12 months warranty-(excluding starter bulbs and starter)


Is the BUG EATER safe?

The BUGEATER insect trap is manufactured to international protection standards and Australian standards. It uses an 8-watt bulb, a small fan and meets the electromagnetic and safety regulations making it safe outside in all weathers.

You can mount the BUGEATER insect trap to a wall or post with the supplied bracket, place it low to the ground or on your table.

The BUGEATER insect trap is safe around inquisitive children, pets and wildlife, its specially moulded design includes an intrusions prevention grid that only allows the insect inside.

For more about what the Bug Eater Insect Trap Does check out the following 2:28 minute youtube video:

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