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Benefits of Cold Press Seed oil Against Insects

There are many benefits of cold press seed oil against insects. In Australia, there are many kinds of oils that are used to achieve this. First, it is pivotal to mention why such oils are better used against insects instead of traditional insecticides. Cold press seed oils do not present the same harm or danger when it comes to harmful chemicals. It is a common fact that many insecticides are created using very toxic substances. These substances are very hard to eliminate even after produce has been processed. The ripple effect is harm to individuals who consume such produce. Therefore, the move to less harmful and organic pesticides is crucial.

Types of effective cold press seed oils effective against insects

There are many oils that work to deter or discourage the infestation of insects in the farm or at home. The most popular type of oil is neem oil. This oil is derived through the cold press process from the seed kernels of the neem tree. The oil is usually very bitter just as the plant itself. It presents with a strong sulfur or garlic smell. It is constituted by components that contain insecticidal as well as medicinal properties. The most important ingredient in neem oil that makes it effective against insects is Salannin. It repels a host of insects including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies and more.

Neem oil is particularly excellent for repelling plant pests as well as diseases. A spray solution using neem oil can be used effectively against scales, spider mites, locusts, beetles, aphids, white flies, thrips; among others. This oil is also effective as a fungicide because it helps eliminate powdery mildew. For people who own orchids, neem oil goes a long way in helping eliminate spider mites, mealy bugs among others.

Another effective way that cold pressed neem oil works to repel insects is through its bitterness. When sprayed in leaves, bugs find it too bitter to eat. In the long run, insects choose to starve rather than to eat bitter leaves. This way, the insects are controlled. The neem oil is not toxic to birds, earthworms and bees. It mainly works to repel the sap-sucking insects. At home, this oil can be used together with pet shampoo to kill any bugs like mites and ticks. It is also an effective method to control fleas in your pets at home. There are many other uses of neem oil in Australia where repelling insects is concerned.

Apart from cold press seed neem oil, there are other types of oils that have also been used to create pest control products that work as efficient repellants. Sesame oil is used to coat stored grains to keep weevils at bay. It is also used with insecticides because it has a lot of synergy. Another example is the Amur cork tree fruit oil which has insecticidal properties that are very similar to pyrethrum. This pressed oil is extracted from the fruit referred to as Phellodendron amurense. As hinted above, insect repellants that are non-toxic are ideal for better health and life.

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Benefits of Fruit Fly Attractant Blocks

Fruits flies for years have been one of the biggest problems to many home owners. These very little insects have one of them most crazy lifespan that basically go all the way from egg to adulthood in a remarkably short time that, in many cases, goes from 8 to 10 days. These insects ridiculously reproduce at one of the highest rate and they can be a menace if they are not handled appropriately.

However, there are quite a number of ways such as the fruit fly attractant blocks that you can use to eradicate these insects safely and effectively from becoming a nuisance to you. How these attractant bock work is quite simple. They are impregnated with fruit fly attractants and this will lure the insects into the block. The following are great benefits of fruit fly attractant blocks.

Effective and very selective

Practically, when someone is shopping for any product the first thing he or she will want to know is how effective is the product. Attractants blocks have been used for a very long time in controlling fruit flies and they have actually proved to be very effective. The best part, they are very specific when it comes to targeted pests. There is no way this blocks will harm other useful insects like the bees among others. These blocks are basically meant for fruit flies only.

Easy and very practical to apply

Unlike other method on controlling fruit flies, this is one is actually quite easy to apply. Ideally, you will not need any kind of skills if you want to use them in your home. However, they come with some few instructions, but they are straight forward to understand. In any case, you will not need any professional help when you are applying them that in case could mean you dishing out extra money.

Cost effective

If at you have a problem with fruit flies in your homes and may be you are looking for something that is quite effective but cheap, definitely, this is what you should be going for next. Unlike other methods of controlling fruit flies, attractant blocks are quite inexpensive. As a matter of fact, you will not dig dipper into your pocket if at all you purchase them today. In fact, it is one of those things that you can strike effectiveness and save some few dollars at the same time.

Does not harm your crops

There is nothing worse than getting insect control only to cause more harm to your crops than any good. Guess this is also one of the key reasons why you certainly need to go for these types of fruit flies control. It will not touch or cause any kind of harm to the crops that have in your farm. Besides, they are environmental friendly

Generally, when it comes to this fruit fly attractant blocks, there is no other better way of controlling this menace. As a matter of fact, attractants blocks have been heralded by many insects’ experts to be among the best. The best thing that makes these blocks truly stand out is simply their effectiveness and its environmental friendly features. With fruit flies attractant blocks, there is no way you will go wrong when you are trying to control fruit flies in your home.

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Withstanding the Bug Attack

Australia is famous all over the world for its unparalleled natural beauty, the unique diversity of its ecology and our beautiful summer. Unfortunately, one aspect of all this is having a number of bugs attack your farms and houses on a daily basis.
So, how do you fight this relentless attack? Well, here I am going to offer you some solutions that can help you withstand these annoying bugs.

You can find an insect repellant in almost every Australian’s house that lives in a rural area and in a lot of the urban houses too. I am not too sure about the safety of applying chemicals over my body every single night before I go to sleep. Well, there are certain bug eaters and other insect trap accessories like octenol tablet and bag which work pretty well.

I also have a UV black light bulb installed outside my house which is pretty effective at killing bugs. There is also the other blue UV contraption that seems to attract the bugs and kills them.

A smart thing to do is have to have screens on all of your doors and windows. It is not the most attractive of things to do to your home; however it is among the most effective. These screens will keep the vast majority of the bugs from entering your house.
These precautions are important not only for your comfort but also for your health. These bugs are the carriers of a number of diseases which can affect you and your family.

There are some other things too that can be done which will lessen the population and breeding percentage of the bugs around your place. This is of course for those people who have a large tract of open land around their house.

Avoid any animal shelters being close to the house. If you cannot avoid that then make sure the animals are vaccinated and clean. They will still attract bugs but you can try to limit the numbers. The shelters themselves should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

If you have any standing body of water, even a small one, then that is the place where most bugs are likely to breed. Water reservoirs should be disinfected and the water changed regularly.

I personally have not done so, but you can install fly and bug zappers inside the house too. There are newer models which claim to be smaller and less intrusive while managing to do an effective job.

There are also some odor and bacteria control units that can be installed which help control the bacteria and other moulds from growing. These are effective to put in your cold rooms if you have any.

Again, I personally cannot vouch for the effectiveness of these units although I know a couple of people who swear by them.
If you have a bug problem, and it looks like a majority of the country does, then these are some solutions that you can look at to help you get over it. I do not think any or all of these combined will eradicate your problem 100% but I am sure it will give you some much needed comfort and relief.

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Only the Best for Your furry Friend Pet Lovers Must Read!

When it comes to keeping your pet there is a lot more involved than just feeding it, keeping it clean and taking it for a walk. Those are just but the basics that are known by almost everyone. A lot more is required than potty training or other forms of training. Just like you, you should realize the furry ones also have a number of their own issues that may require some attention for the sake of their comfort ability and also for your safety and well being as well. Some of these include pests and skin conditions.

For the conditions that could be under the thick fur on your dog, there are a variety of products that one could use. The interesting part is this that they all come from the same source. This is the Neem Tree. This tree is a native of South East Asia and has been used for centuries in that region as a pesticide and also a fungicide. It is so revered for its properties that it has often been referred to as the Village Pharmacy in India.

There are several Neem dog products that have come from this tree that are ideal for your dog. Products like the Neem spray are ideal as a pesticide to help kill small pests like fleas and ticks that could be hiding under the fur of your dog. You could use other Neem products that you could use to wash your dog.

Another powerful Product that could be very important for your pet is the neem oil. Most owners have always wanted the best for their pets and this could be the best in a variety of scenarios. Neem oil is handy when it comes to things like soothing and repelling a number of insects including mosquitoes. This is due to its superior anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti septic properties. Apart from repelling it is also essential in the treatment of ring worms, yeast infections and soothing irritated skin.

However, it is imperative to note that Neem dog products should not be used internally when you’re planning for the dog to get pregnant. This is because Neem is also a very powerful contraceptive and may thwart your intention.

Just as important as your bed is to you so is the kennel to a dog. This is also partially important to you and requires to be kept clean and smelling fresh. Kennel wash is a product that could come in handy for a variety of purposes. It is handy when it comes to ensuring that the kennel does not develop an odour and more importantly it is very handy in fighting a variety of deadly viruses that may collect inside it. The ability of this may vary depending on the brand that you pick and the chemical composition. Some will be more driven towards to ensuring that the bad odour does not collect and others are more anti-septic while others may have a combination of both elements for better results. Keeping a pet happy and comfortable is any owners dream. While Neem products ensure that this dream is achieved kennel wash ensures that your pet has a clean and hygienic home to go to and that the odour does not spread throughout the home. Furthermore, it would not be wise to invest on Neem and have the dog recollect all the pests in the kennel.

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Insect Repellents, Lures and Traps Website Banner and Logo

Diseases that are caused by mosquitoes are a cause for serious concern in Australia. There are over 5000 annual cases of human infections brought about by mosquitoes who are carriers of 2 known viruses namely Barmah Forest virus and Ross River virus. When a mosquito bite occurs saliva is injected in the skin to which the body always reacts and this results in irritated skin. How severe the bite is varies in every person and how sensitive their skin or body is. Some reactions can be extremely severe on the skin surface and others bring about internal diseases.

Natural mosquito control methods help to reduce the high rates of infections in humans and they include home friendly techniques that involve non-toxic systems. Some of these are traps, lures and repellents made of different oil blends. One of the best forms of defense against mosquitoes and other common pests or insects is to keep off their known habitats like swamps, wet and dark places. Mosquitoes breed in water puddles that are stagnant and the peak of their biting is at dusk. Wearing clothing that is protective and treated helps to keep them off and prevent bites.

Another known remedy is the use of bed nets especially for pregnant women and infants. Mosquito repellents come in many forms such as creams, aerosols, wipes, sticks, lotions, wrist bands and pump sprays. There are more than 60 formulations that have to be registered under the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority known as APVMA in short. It is a compulsory requirement since every product has to be assessed for safety and efficacy. Choose a repellent whose label displays its active ingredients and the levels of concentration. Some of the best active ingredients are DEET and Picaridin.

DEET is known to be very effective in bite prevention and it is the known gold standard for repellents due to its smell. Picaridin is also very odorless and pleasant and works equally well. Both are extremely safe for human use and are good for bite prevention. Amount of repellent used depends with the location one is going to and the length of time they will be away. Lures are used to lure mosquitoes more effectively into traps. They trick the mosquito and lead it into a trap giving it the impression that it is pursuing an animal and it eventually gets trapped.

Some of the known lures are carbon dioxide, octenol and a mixture of lactic acid and octenol. Lures have attractive scents and are released continuously for a period of 30 days. Carbon dioxide is very economical and suitable for the environment. Traps use these lures to get in more mosquitoes which can then be killed. They can either be commercial or homemade. Their aim is to reduce the mosquito numbers that when left to roam around can otherwise cause dangerous infections. Some traps use suction while others use sticky tapes and once the mosquito lands it can’t fly away. All these are means used in curbing their numbers in the home and preventing diseases.

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Benefits of Sonic Insect Repellers

In these times when protection and preservation of the environment is of primordial concern for everyone globally, there should be a wise way of getting rid of insects that pester homes, gardens, or work areas.
There are certain environmental laws in most countries, that prohibit too much use of harmful insecticides or chemicals to kill or drive away insects because using such would be detrimental to the environment, to animals and humans. Some chemical insecticides takes years before being broken down and decompose, like the DDT, which had been banned in many countries, because it pollutes the ground water and the soil. It was found to cause certain kinds of cancers to humans, and kills animals like birds of prey, who eat insects that were sprayed with the harmful chemicals. Bees and other natural flower pollinators are commonly killed by chemical insecticides, thus posing a threat to food production, since no more bees will pollinate the flowers to produce seeds and fruits. This poses danger to the world’s food supply.Chemical insecticides also cause mutation among insects, thus they become adoptive or they become tolerant to insecticides.And more potent chemical insecticides have to be formulated again to eradicate the newly-mutated insects, and the process goes on and on, not knowing that both humans and the earth had been negatively affected.

Best Alternative: Use Sonic Insect Repellers

The best alternative to achieve an insect-free home or work area, at the same time contribute to saving planet earth is by using mechanical control, like the use of insect repellers, particularly sonic repellers. What are sonic repellers? Sonic Insect repellers are electronic devices that emit high- pitched sounds, that drive away insects because it interferes with their system, like mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and even rodents. The sound emitted is inaudible to the human ear, and does not affect domestic animals like dogs and cats. In some cases, it could also drive away snakes because the sound emitted irritate them. The sonic insect repellent device is handy and small and can be plugged at electrical outlets anywhere in your home, where you do not want to see those harmful insects that bring in virus and other bacteria. It uses very minimal amount of electricity, and does not overheat, so it is safe to use, even if you leave it plugged for so long. The range of the sound vibrations emitted reach to some 20 meters away from where you plugged it, so a small home could have just one or two of the Sonic Insect Repellers to achieve maximum efficiency. Just make sure to plug it in areas that are not blocked by walls or furnitures, so the sound vibrations could very well reach the target areas.
Using Sonic Insect Repellers is like being kind to humans, and to the environment. In these times when our planet is affected by erratic weather, which scientists attribute to global warming caused by pollutants like harmful chemicals, and carbon dioxide emissions, using eco-friendly mechanisms like the Sonic Insect Repellent would be a wiser choice. We rather drive away the insects which has their role in the food chain, specially the bees, rather than kill them using harmful insecticides.

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How to effectively use the Fruit fly trap

Who likes having those annoying flying flitting fruit flies around your fruit bowl or around your garden? The fruit fly trap is effective in reducing the number of fruit flies in your garden. Some of the pests that are described as fruit fly in Australia include: Bactrocera Tryoni that is a native to the rainforest habitat on the East Coast of Australia.

Trapping can be used to monitor and eliminate the fruit flies in your home garden. Trapping is effective in reducing the number of fruit flies although it cannot be used as alone as a control method. The fruit fly trap only captures some of the adult flies leaving others to find their way in.

Traps are devices that usually use an attractant to draw the fruit fly to the container, giving them no way out hence killing them. The attractants that can be used are food scents or pheromones.

Before setting up the fruit fly trap you have to consider the following:

• The traps should be placed out of children’s reach because they contain toxins that are harmful to children if taken.

• The meters the traps should be set up because different fruit fly traps have different specifications.

• For the traps to remain active and work effectively you need to maintain them diligently.

• Consider the place you live before setting up a fruit fly trap because if you live within the fruit fly exclusion zone you cannot use fruit fly traps unless you are authorized to do so.

• The after effects of the traps because others may have significant damage on crops.

Then you can decide on what trap to use. One can opt for the homemade trap or buying, it all depends on your preference.

If you opt for buying, you can buy one like the No Insects fruit fly traps & lures. Our  fruit fly traps which come in  Round, rectangular and glass trap,  can use an older piece of fruit  as bait or alternatively the  variety of fruit fly lure/ attractants blocks available. Simply setup, add your lure and hang  or leave where appropriate.

The fruit fly trap has many benefits which include:

1. Helps in determining whether your garden has any fruit flies.

2. It is relatively easy to use

3. Relatively affordable because one has the option of buying or making your own

4. It helps reduce the adult flies

For its success the following factors have to be considered:

• Using the right type of trap for the fruit fly species.

• It should be properly placed

Therefore if you have been experiencing the fruit fly epidemic you need to consider the fruit fly trap.

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Control Insects With Bug Eater Insect Trap

Control Insects with the Bug Eater Insect Trap

Are you looking for the ideal way of controlling annoying insects in your home? Well, there is a great deal of reasons why you should consider Bug Eater Insect Trap. It comes as one of the most effective avenues in ensuring an insect free home. A great number of people who have tried this trap can indeed confirm its effectiveness and more so positive results. The trap has been tested and confirmed to be among the top ranking insect remedies.

Bug Eater Insect Trap is known to attract, capture and kill insects. This in return ensures that the breeding cycle of the insects in questions is stopped. Note that the more the insects, the more the chances of breeding. This means that it might get to a point when controlling them will prove intimidating and daunting.

Apart from effectiveness, there is a couple of other reasons why you will like Bug Eater Insect Trap. Here are some:

Easy To Use

One great thing about this insect trap is that it is remarkably easy to use. It only calls for a couple of simple steps and you will have all insects under your control. It is as simple as powering the trap and placing it in the best position for insect capturing. This happens not to be the case with other competitor insect traps. With this great remedy, insect control is indeed an effortless job.

Kills Different Insects

It is important to note that Bug Eater Insect Trap is not only designed to control bugs but other insects as well. As a matter of fact, it works ideally for any crawling and frying insect. This is a great advantage since you will not require buying different traps in effort to control different insects. Needless to say, it might cost you a great amount of money. This makes Bug Eater Insect trap the ultimate insect controller.

Directional Impact

Bug Eater Insect Trap is designed to work directional wise. This means that it creates an impact based on a certain circumference from the point it has been positioned. Interestingly, the trap has the capacity to create a bug-free zone within an area of approximately one acre. This you must agree is a wide coverage hence a great way of curbing insects in your compound. Again, it might be totally difficult to come across other insect traps with the ability to cover such a large area. This explains why Bug Eater Insect Trap stands unique.

Chemical Free

Needless to say, using chemical insect remedies can be dangerous. This is because some chemicals are not friendly to human and they can even trigger serious health complications. This is however not the case with Bug Eater Insect Trap. It is regarded one of the safest modes of controlling insects since it does not make use of any chemicals. It is therefore environmental friendly and more so safe for human handling.

Low Power Consumption Rate

Bearing in mind the cost of electricity currently, it will only work best to go for an insect trap that does not consume a lot of energy. This is one of the traits that come along with Bug Eater Insect trap. With this trap, you should have no worry of accumulating high electric bills in the end.


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Neem Oil Products in Australia

The skin is the largest part of our human body. Care of the skin is an important factor in the general health of our health. The skin care is determined by the kind of oil products we apply on our skin in our day to day daily life. Do these oil products contain harmful chemicals such as the mercury? It is very important to ensure that every oil product you use on your skin is safe and natural. The only way to ensure that is by purchasing neem oil products  in Australia.

The neem tree is said to be native to India. It is the only tree in the world whose wide uses has not been surpassed by modern technology. For millions of centuries people have used the neem tree cure their skin disorders, relieve pains, infections, fever and so many other ailments. The Indians believe that the neem tree has got some super powers that enable it to be the best solution to most ailments. Due to its great diversity in its uses, scientists from all over the world have continued to study it even further to establish even more uses of the tree.

It is the high time for all of us to say no to such chemical and together we “go natural”. Going natural means going for the far much better alternatives such as the neem tree oil products. This means that any oil product one uses, should be from natural ingredients rather than the usual chemicals added on many products. Since such natural oil products are difficult to find, the good news is that neem oil products Australia have a solution to all your oil needs, eco natural friendly and personal body care products. Such wonderful natural oil products include; the eye gel, shampoos, neemrich lotions and cream, neem extracts and oils, soaps, lip balm among others. In addition to that, we also have moisturizing creams and facial lotions that do not have any perfume. This caters for all our clients who are sensitive to such allergens.

No Insects affiliated with BDM Trading has been offering Neem oil products  in Australia  for many years,  and  has got the best natural products and always ensures that they are available at reasonable and fair prices to everyone.

Check out our variety of neem products  via our Neem Products range

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Learn Some of the Best Ways to Control Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control Ideas by No Insects

Mosquito is a type of insect that can be harmful for most people. There are some diseases that are associated with this insect. Therefore, you have to know the best ways to control mosquitoes. It is not difficult to eliminate these insects from your house completely. However, you have to follow the right tips, so you are able to remove these mosquitoes quickly. Keep reading these tips to keep the mosquito population under control. Many experts believe that all homeowners should follow these simple tips, so they can remove all insects from their property, including some mosquitoes.

1. Use portable mosquito traps

There are some portable mosquito traps that are available today. These traps usually work with their own system. You have to choose the best mosquito trap that is suitable for your needs. Some of them are supported with the electric system. Therefore, all mosquitoes are killed when they pass through these traps. Some traps may use lures to attract mosquitoes to come to these traps. Mosquito trap is believed to be the best device for eliminating mosquitoes without damaging your property. This method is the safest way to remove mosquitoes from your property easily.

2. Ignite some mosquito repellent candles or apply insect repellent

Some people want to use the mosquito repellent candles that are sold on the market today. These candles may be made from natural ingredients, such as citrus, lemon, and some other ingredients. The vapor of these candles may get rid of all mosquitoes from your house. Most insects don’t like the aroma of these ingredients. There is no or minimum side effect that can be caused by these candles. If you want to use the safe mosquito treatment that is safe for your families, you may want to consider using these candles. These items are available in some retailers or pest control stores.

There  are a variety of brands available on the market from Aeroguard, natural repellents and Deet Free pump and roll on repellents that can be purchased from your local convenience store or online delivered to your door via

3. Clean your house regularly

This is one of the best ways to control mosquitoes easily. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you follow this simple tip. Most insects usually love staying around dirty areas. Therefore, you have to clean your property regularly, so you should be able to remove all insects from your house. It is recommended that you do regular house cleaning activities at least once a week. If you have a swimming pool, you have to clean and chlorinate this pool regularly. By doing so, you are able to reduce the population of some insects, including mosquito.

They are some useful tips for you who want to get rid of mosquitoes from your house quickly. These tips are chosen because they are safe for human use. You don’t need to worry about any negative side effects that can be caused by these tips. If you have difficulties in removing mosquitoes from your house, you may want to hire professional pest control service company. There are some pest control companies in Australia. You have to find the best company that has proper service for your house. Contact some pest control companies to start removing all mosquitoes from your property.

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Best Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Control Ideas by No Insects

Learning about Mosquitos and how to stop them using the Best Mosquito Trap – the bug eater insect trap,  deet free roll on repellents or sonic repellers

A mosquito is a small insect which can give you a restless night. In many parts of the world, the mosquito is  a vector to a very dangerous parasite called Plasmodium which causes a very dangerous disease called malaria. The anopheles female mosquito carries this parasite. Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects. There are different species of mosquitoes and knowing which species you dealing with aid in their control. Water logged areas, bushy compound and forests are good breeding grounds for them.

There are different methods to curb them. These include repellants, insect lures and traps.

Such as:

the Bug Eater Insect Trap:

Deet Free Roll on Repellents, a variety of neem products ,

Sonic Repellers and more.

You should always determine which among the control measures fits you.

Mosquito traps attract and even kill the mosquitoes, they attract and kill mosquitoes instead of keeping them away, when mosquitoes are in search of blood meals the female mosquito fry at a height of about 25 feet off the ground or less. They use the sensing organs to locate the prey.

Antennae detects carbon dioxide from human lungs, they can detect 340 odors from the human body. Compound eyes spot and distinguish prey, maxillary palps are heat sensitive, this aids mosquitoes in locating warm blooded preys and locating capillaries found near the skin surface.

Mosquito traps tricks the mosquitoes by using the sensory abilities. They mimic smells, visual stimuli associated with human beings. Some produce actionable, carbon dioxide, heat, light or combination of some of them. Mosquitoes are lured in trapped in containers, vacuum, fan, electric grid and adhesive systems, where they eventually die. For effectiveness the traps have to be placed in strategic places. Mostly between the yard and where the mosquitoes came from, example bushes and bleeding sites.
The traps should be placed 30 to 40 feet far from where people are. Try different attractants and find the most appealing to the mosquitoes in your area. It takes one 10 to 7 days to be most effective. Mosquito trap features vary from attractant lures, lighting arrays, carbon dioxide systems, heat systems and catch system.

The other method is to use of mosquito repellents, they are made from chemical composites. There are diverse ways of using the repellants. You can choose to rub on your skin, spray on your clothes or spray around the bedroom in the yard where people gather. There are both natural and synthetic insect repellants. They discourage insects from climbing or landing on surfaces treated, they are not insecticides or pesticides, they do not kill insects.

The repellants which are botanically made trick mosquitoes by producing similar odors that are similar to vegetation species obnoxious of mosquitoes. Synthetic repellants are long lasting as their ingredients are highly concentrated. Do not apply excessive; too much of it may cause harm. Always follow the instructions before using the repellants. Those allergic to some chemicals should choose which repellants are fit for you. Pregnant or lactating women should consult the physician before using the repellants.

In conclusion mosquitoes can cause a lot of harm and discomfort to people and even livestock. mosquito traps are believed to be effective. It is always advisable to choose the appropriate methods that suits you. Make sure the methods you choose are effective enough to deal with challenges posed by mosquitoes.

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Outdoor Pest Control Tips

Home owners can attest to the fact that outdoor pests are just as bad and annoying as those inside the house. Enjoying the great outdoors can actually be a problem with the presence of these pests even though you are technically in their habitat. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the vegetables that you planted instead of the squirrels enjoying them for you. Being sprayed by a skunk can also be very annoying. To avoid all this, you could call an outdoor pest exterminator to get rid of these small inconveniences for you. However, if you are a hands on person or you just don’t have the money to spend on an outdoor exterminator, here are some tips that you could use to get rid of some of the most common outdoor pests.

If birds are your problem, you could screen them out. They do not have to put to waste the energy you put into growing your vegetables. You could build a wooden frame with a window screen stapled to it. This frame should be larger than the vegetable that you want to protect. After make small poles at the sides of the vegetable going a little bit higher than the vegetable itself. This will keep the birds away from your tasty vegetables but allow water and sunlight to reach the plant.If you are experiencing trouble with ants that have made a home around your home and are constantly finding their way into your house, you could try sprinkling the mound with corn meal. This works effectively since this cereal take in moisture fast and a lot of it. Therefore when the ants consume them, it is highly unlikely that they would ever want another meal.

For pests such as gnats, flies, mosquitoes and moths, you could use lavender oil which is a very powerful bug repellent. It is even more effective when you combine it with silver or even cedar chips. You could use lotions that are made from the lavender oils to act as insect repellents. However, you have to reapply it as lavender oil more volatile than most insect repellents.

Slugs are the most irritating and yet most stubborn pests that prey on the tender leaves of plants. Although there are not so many ways to combat these pests, the ones that are there are effective in keeping them away. One of the tricks you could use is by spreading crushed eggshells that have been washed and dried around the plants and even stick them to the stalks of these plants. The shells have sharp edges give the slugs a hard time. Also you could sprinkle coffee grounds around the plant. This will work effectively as the slugs do not love their smell like most humans do.

These are some of the tips and tricks that you could use. If however these do not work for you, you could contact an outdoor pest exterminator.

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Top 5 Fruit Fly Attractants that Completely Ward Off Fruit-Eating Insects

It is so devastating knowing that your vegetables and fruits in your kitchen tabletop or in your orchard have been surrounded by fruit flies, fruit-and-plant eating insects! To get rid of all these insects, you might consider buying fruit fly attractants. Here are the top 5 fruit fly attractants that completely ward off fruit-eating insects!

· Cera Trap Fruit Fly Attractant

This has been reviewed many times to be much efficacious than any other fruit fly attractants. Cera Trap can attract and mass trap Mediterranean and Queensland male and female fruit flies. It is a long-lasting, non-toxic, food-based liquid trap where you can set it in a place prone to fruit flies. Just leave it there and re-check later; you will see it would accumulate a great number of insects. Cera Trap is an efficacious fruit fly attractant suitable for use in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Australia.

Unlike other fruit fly attractants, Cera Trap is not a spray-based product. Simply open the jar, then attach the lid, and set near your susceptible plant. You do not need to monitor it every time because it is non-toxic fruit fly repellent.

· Eco-Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait

As the name implies, it is bait for fruit flies. It is not a spray-based product, so there is no need to spray the whole fruit. All you have to do is to make a meal or a feeding station for those annoying insects in your entire garden. Containing the naturally made insecticide spinosad, Eco-Naturalure is efficacious for attracting female and male fruit flies.

The product contains sugar and proteins, making it become potent fruit fly bait. It is made not to evaporate fast and can last for up to a week. Eco-Naturalure is mainly designed for any gardens having a wide array of fruits and vegetables vulnerable to fruit flies.

· Fruit Fly Kit

The Queensland commercial orchardists have been using the Fruit Fly Kit for over 20 years. This replaceable wick system and reusable trap is an easy “set-and-forget” technique. Simply set it in a place where fruit flies are and leave it there and just forget about it.

The kit includes fruit fly information sheet, 1 Qld. Fruit Fly Trap & Wick, 10 PestGuard bags, and 1 free extra Qld. Fruit Fly Wick. However, this kit is not suitable for Western Australian Mediterranean fruit flies.

· Qld. Fruit Fly Trap

The Qld. Fruit Fly Trap has been improved in trap design and has been designed for Queensland fruit flies. It comes in a plastic container that has a wick impregnated along with a sex attractant made of an insecticide called ‘malathion’, which terminates insects on contact. Male fruit flies are lured from up to 500 meters away for up to 6 months with the Qld. Fruit Fly Trap.

· Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

This does not contain some pesticide, but it attracts and kills male Queensland fruit flies. It is made from essential oils and has been utilized with success in South East Queensland to abridge the number of fruit flies. 20mm of this liquid is used as a ‘wet attractant’ to lure male fruit flies. When the insects are lured, they either dehydrate or drown. That said, like Fruit Fly Kit, Wild May is not suitable for Western Australia Mediterranean fruit flies.

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Beat the bugs with roll on repellents

Midges, mosquitos, and other bugs can be a real annoyance. As well as leaving terrible itching bites that can last for days, attacks from insects can lead to infection, inflammation, and even hospitalization if you suffer from an allergy to insect bites. Some insects that suck your blood can also carry dangerous diseases between humans. All in all, sourcing a good insect repellent is a very good idea if you want to protect yourself and your family from the irritation, discomfort, and dangers associated with insect bites!

Roll on repellents are some of the most popular types of insect repellent around, and they are also extremely simple to use. Roll on insect repellents come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to be able to find the perfect product that suits you, even if you have sensitive skin or an aversion to artificial chemicals. Here, we give you the low down on roll on repellents, and how to use them.

If you prefer to go natural with your insect repellents, then simply grab yourself some roll on citronella. Citronella oil has long been used as a powerful natural insect repellent: bugs hate the stuff! Moreover, roll on citronella based repellents are ideal for people with sensitive skin, and for kids too, as they have been shown to have no ill effects on humans as long as they’re used properly (so don’t go ingesting them or letting your children use them as popsicles!). Remember, though, that to work their best, your citronella based roll on repellents will need to be reapplied once or twice an hour. Organic, natural, and chemical free, citronella repellents are the perfect choice for eco friendly people. Another great advantage is that they have a truly delicious citrus smell, so you won’t need to apply any perfume whilst you’re wearing them! If you prefer, oil of lemon eucalyptus has the same effect, though it is not considered suitable for children under three years old.
There are plenty of synthetic products that repel insects too. Choose something with DEET or picaridin on the label to protect yourself against bugs. These chemicals have been shown to be real effective in warding of mosquitoes and other insects that like to feed off blood. However, these chemicals are not so effective against several other types of bug, such as horse flies: you will need to apply your roll on repellent really liberally to ensure that you are protected against these insects.
Whatever type of roll on repellents you use, make sure to roll a tiny amount of the product onto your wrist or another area of relatively sensitive skin, to check that you don’t have a reaction to any ingredients in the product. After all, these roll on repellents are there to protect you against skin irritation and inflammation: you don’t want to be using an insect repellent that causes you more discomfort than the insect bites! With a good roll on repellent stowed away in your bag, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about bugs.

Check out some of the Roll on repellents we offer:

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Why you need the Bug Eater Insect Trap

Bug Eater Insect Trap

Bug Eater Insect TrapThe FACTS:

♦ You can control mosquitoes by drowning – the Bug Eater is Mosquito Eater Machine.

♦ Research shows that the BUGEATER insect trap attracts and captures mainly the male mosquito hence breaking the breeding cycle.

♦ The BUGEATER insect trap has also proven to be an excellent way to control many other biting and annoying insects.



240v Bug Eater Insect Trap - Stop Bugs and InsectsThe irresistibility of the ‘black light’ attracts flying pests from one direction and is effective for up to an acre. a hidden fan creates a downdraft, hitch blows the insects into soapy water inside the trap tray. a squirt of dish detergent breaks the water surface tension preventing the insects from landing and they simply drown. When the tray is full. simply empty it and refill with water and detergent. Clean and easy.



The BUGEATER insect trap not only controls mosquitoes, it also catches many other annoying insects from large moths down to tiny bugs you can’t even see like midge and sand fly.the BUGEATER insect trap is your very own pest controller that works 24 hours a day,7 days a week,it is safe and effective.

Bug Eater Insect Trap


  • Creates a bug free zone-directionally up to one acre.
  • Environmentally friendly-chemical free.
  • A whisper quiet fan and a very small, safe amount of electricity.
  • Gets the adult insect before it breeds and breaks the breeding cycle.
  • The catch is totally contained which meets all health and safety requirements.
  • Stops the spread of insect-born diseases-many of which to date have no cure.
  • Hygiene in food preparation areas.
  • 12 months warranty-(excluding starter bulbs and starter)


Is the BUG EATER safe?

The BUGEATER insect trap is manufactured to international protection standards and Australian standards. It uses an 8-watt bulb, a small fan and meets the electromagnetic and safety regulations making it safe outside in all weathers.

You can mount the BUGEATER insect trap to a wall or post with the supplied bracket, place it low to the ground or on your table.

The BUGEATER insect trap is safe around inquisitive children, pets and wildlife, its specially moulded design includes an intrusions prevention grid that only allows the insect inside.

For more about what the Bug Eater Insect Trap Does check out the following 2:28 minute youtube video:

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Bug Eater Insect Trap – Home Mosquito Control – ways to stop mozzies and insects

Mosquito Control Ideas by No Insects

Ideas for ways to control and repel Mosquitoes

Everyone experiences problems with bugs and insects from time to time, whether that be Mosquitoes,  common houseflies, cockroaches or moths in our cupboards there are a variety of options  for cost effective  method of eliminating the attractants that lure these pests, and some of these mosquito control ideas can be done by using natural repellents or investing in one or more of the available No Insects products.

Image of a Mosquito on the No Insects Website

What 4 simple things can we do at Home to tackle Mozzies

  1. Mosquito Control Back Yard – Make sure there are no containers  that can fill with  water from rain and condensation or leaking taps, left  around your home. These are likely to be a breeding ground for mozzies and other nasties.
  2. Turning containers over so they are unable to  catch the water.
  3. Changing pet drinking water regularly.
  4. Christine Yoo from Garden Design recommends the following 6 Mosquito Control /Repellent Plants:
    Putting natural mozzie and insect deterring plants around ponds and other   CITRONELLA GRASS, CATMINT (or catnip) ROSEMARY, BASIL,  LAVENDER and SCENTED GERANIUMS

No Insects offers the Bug Eater Insect Trap which is one of the Mosquito Control Products recommended by clients all over the world.

The BUG EATER insect trap not only controls mosquitoes, it also catches many other annoying insects from large moths down to tiny bugs you can’t even see like midge and sand fly.the BUG EATER insect trap is your very own pest controller that works 24 hours a day,7 days a week,it is safe and effective.

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Fruit Fly Prevention | Stopping Fruitflies


fruit-fly-prevention-no-insects-bug-eaterFruit flies like other common insects can be a nightmare in a kitchen filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.  There are several products on the market that you can utilise to  attract and trap these unwanted house guests, products like the Round Plastic Fruit Fly Trap or the Fruit Fly Block Lures offered here at

However what are some of the other things we can do to:

Prevent fruit fly  in our fruit bowls and in our kitchens

First and foremost,  it’s recommended that you remove all sources of encouragement for Fruitflies.

Washing all fruit and vege with clean water before you bring them into your home  to remove any of the lures and attractants, particularly fruit and vegies that have been cut open; for example  Butternut and Jap Pumpkins.

With large potential that fruit fly can entering your home from an external source. This cleaning process is best done somewhere that is not setup where your Fruit and Vegetables normally reside or in your regular cooking area,  often a makeshift area that can be reassembled when required to clean your fruit and vegetables comes in handy.

Once cleaned, storing your cleaned  fresh food in the fridge, which will help to keep your food fresh, or placing a covering over your fruit  bowl will also limit the chances of  infestation.

What are some of the more common attractants ?

  • Over ripened or rotting fruit and vegetable
    – keep an eye on areas you’d regularly leave fresh fruit and vege.
  • Freely accessible food scraps
    –  placing your food scraps, peelings and offcuts into a freezer bag before dumping them in the  garbage will  be a deterrent.
  • Leaving fruits uncovered
    – placing a plate over your fruit bowl or Putting fruits in brown paper bag to avoid  access and will encourage your fruit and veg to ripen

Fruit fly has a major impact on horticulture and can be devastating  on crops and natural produce.   For more information about Fruit Fly, how to Prevent Fruitfly and on the Damage Fruit Flies can cause to your crops  visit

Products that may interest you:

Fruit Fly Traps | Plastic Fruit Fly Trap 1 Lt  Fruit Fly Lure Block Fruit Fly Lure Block Twin Pack ME Lure

Round Fruit Fly Trap        1  Fruit Fly Lure Block    Fruitfly Twin Pack Silver ME Lure Block



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No Insects Testimonials

Feedback and No Insect Product Reviews

“Hey Barry,   Thanks so much for organising my purchase of the Bug Eater insect Trap,  It’s made a major difference in the BBQ Area out the back. I wasn’t all that confident buying things off the net, but being able to pay through Paypal and talk to you about my order was reassuring.  I actually received the package quicker than you said I would. Will definitely be back. Thanks again!”  – Jeanette – Lake Macquarie NSW