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Bug Eater Insect  Traps

Using an insect trap, lure or attrantant, Stop insects, flying bugs and crawling critters with the great range offered here at  Some of the many products include the original Bug Eaters Insect Trap,  Herbal House Fly Lure, Fruit Fly Lures and Traps and more.

Whether you’re out at the beach, park, visiting friends and family or at home, there’s nothing worse than pesky bugs , flies, fruitflies, mosquitos, and other winged insects hassling you whilst you’re trying to enjoy your picnic, bbq, or nights on the deck.

How can our Insect Trap range help you?

By choosing from our  fantastic range of products.


Simply by choosing from our range of product categories that suit you, you can choose anything from Bug Eater Insect Traps, Bugeater Accessories, House fly and Fruit fly Attractants and Traps, Sticky Traps, Sonic Repellers and more .

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